Service Members and Veterans

Additional Information for Service Members and Veterans

In Arizona, we recognize the dedication and commitment of our veterans and service members. The skills, experience, education, training and work ethic developed while serving, make veterans and service members attractive to any community and in Arizona, we are committed to honoring those experiences when these members apply for a contractors license.

The State has passed legislation ensuring the skills and work experience of service members are recognized by licensing agencies and also passed legislation ensuring your service is placed first when considering administrative proceedings and activities.

On this page, you will find information outlining special provisions for service members and veterans in regards to applying for and maintaining an Arizona Contractors License as required by A.R.S. §32-4301, A.R.S. §32-4302, A.R.S. §32-4303, A.R.S. §41-1071 and A.R.S. §41-1080.01.

The Registrar trains all licensing staff members on these statutes and has also designated individuals who served in the military that you may call or email to ask any questions related to how these statutes may impact you or your license. To reach one of our veteran representatives, feel free to call us at 877.692.9762 or email [email protected].

License Fee Waiver

The Registrar of Contractors shall waive any fee* charged for an initial license application for any of the following individuals if the individual is applying as a Sole Proprietor for a license in Arizona for the first time:

  • Any active duty military service member's spouse.
  • Any honorably discharged veteran who has been discharged not more than two years before application date.
  • * All applicants for Residential or Dual license classifications are required to pay a Residential Recovery Fund assessment, even if approved for a License Fee Waiver.

License Expiration and Renewals

Licenses issued to any member of the National Guard or US Reserves shall be extended for 180 days after the member returns from active duty if the member notifies the Registrar. These licenses do not expire while the member is on federal active duty if the licensee notifies the Registrar.

Licenses issued to members do not expire and are extended 180 days from the date the member is able to work under the license if the member is released from active service AND suffers an injury as a result of active service that interferes with work under the license.

If the license is renewed during the extended time period, normal fees apply but no additional fees will be assessed.

Service members must present a copy of official orders, military ID, OR written verification from commanding officer prior to the end of the extended time period to qualify for an extension.

This section does not apply to licenses with another member or person listed on the license who can renew.


A license must be issued without an examination to the spouse of an active member of the US armed forces if the spouse is accompanying the member to an official change of station to a military installation located in Arizona and if the spouse:

  1. Has established residency.
  2. Has a license in good standing in at least one other state for the same discipline.
  3. All licenses or certifications held must be in good standing in all states in which the person holds a license.
  4. Has been licensed for at least one year.
  5. Previously passed the other state's minimum education requirements and work experience requirements.
  6. Previously passed an examination for the license.
  7. Has not had a license revoked.
  8. Has not voluntarily surrendered a license while under investigation.
  9. Has not been disciplined by a regulating entity.
  10. Does not have a complaint or investigation pending before a regulating entity that relates to unprofessional conduct.
  11. Does not have a disqualifying criminal history per A.R.S. § 41-1093.04.
  12. Pays applicable fees (all applicants for Residential or Dual license classifications are required to pay a Residential Recovery Fund assessment, even if approved for a Licensing Fee Waiver).

Experience Requirements

Experience requirements for a license may be satisfied by substantially equivalent education, training, or experience as a member of US Armed Forces, National Guard, or US Reserves (see A.R.S. § 32-4303 and R4-9-119).

Effective January 1, 2019, the Registrar moved rulemaking to require the agency accept military training and experience when considering a license application. The language is as follows:

Arizona Administrative Code, R4-9-119. Reserved Minimum Trade Experience Required for Licensing

  • A. Type of Trade Experience Prior To Licensure.
    For purposes of examining an applicant's trade experience dealing specifically with the type of construction, or its equivalent, for which the applicant is applying for a license, as required under A.R.S. § 32-1122(E):
    • 1. The Registrar must accept the following as evidence of an applicant's trade experience:
      • a. Military service or training;

Legal Proceedings

Per A.R.S. § 41-1071, a proceeding involving persons on active duty in military service of US or Arizona may be stayed in the discretion of the state administrative entity or at the service member's request.

The Registrar must stay a proceeding if a service member objects unless the Registrar determines the servicemember is not prejudiced by the proceeding.

The stay must be granted on service member's request unless state administrative entity determines the service member is not prejudiced by military service.