About AZ ROC


Protect the health, safety and welfare of the public through a regulatory system designed to promote quality construction by Arizona contractors.


The Arizona Legislature established the Registrar of Contractors in 1931. The ROC licenses and regulates residential and commercial contractors. ROC staff investigate and work to resolve complaints against licensed contractors and unlicensed entities.

The ROC is a 90/10 agency. This means that:

  • The agency is funded by 90% of its licensing fees
  • The remaining 10% of licensing fees are deposited in the State General Fund
  • The agency does not receive State General Fund money

What is the Registrar's Residential Recovery Fund?

In 1981, the Legislature established the Residential Contractors’ Recovery Fund as a function within the ROC. Statute requires residential contractors provide $200,000 for consumer protection. This protection may be established by (a) furnishing a $200,000 surety bond or cash deposit, or (b) paying the required assessment to participate in the Recovery Fund. Like a surety bond or cash deposit, the Recovery Fund reimburses homeowners for poor workmanship or non-performance by a licensed residential contractor.