Apprenticeship Certificate Registry

"The Arizona Registrar of Contractors serves as the depository for apprenticeship certificates; however, it does not provide any assurances regarding an apprentice's qualifications for licensure or eligibility for licensure. Individuals are encouraged to consult the relevant licensing criteria to determine their eligibility status."

If your program has over 25 certificates at a time you can enter here or contact the Registrar for an alternate submission procedure. 

*A.R.S. § 32-1129

Apprenticeship programs; certificate of completion; filing with registrar

  1. If a person completes a United States Department of Labor-approved or a Department of Economic Security-approved apprenticeship program in a construction trade, the person or apprenticeship program sponsor may file the certificate of completion and any related updates to the certificate, including documentation of completed continuing education courses, with the Registrar in a manner prescribed by the Registrar. 
  2. The Registrar shall maintain all documents that are filed pursuant to this section for ten years. 

You can click here to download a PDF version of the Apprenticeship Certificate Registry form or use this link to fill out the form online through DocuSign.