Building Confidence Program

Peace of Mind

Did you hire a licensed contractor to do work on your home and think there might be a problem with the job? Or are you a contractor who would like to give your customer the extra peace of mind that the job meets workmanship standards?

If so, you might want to check out the Registrar of Contractors' (ROC) Building Confidence Program.

The Building Confidence Program provides an avenue for resolving questions early on that the property owner or contractors may have about residential construction workmanship. As part of this process, the ROC always encourages the property owner to first contact their contractor to resolve questions or potential problems. However, if discussions between the property owner and contractor are not successful, a Building Confidence visit can be requested.

Property owners or contractors may request a visit and an ROC construction investigator will meet with the property owner to discuss his or her questions. The investigator will review the issues of concern, provided the work was completed within the past two years. Following the Building Confidence visit, further investigation may be required by the investigator, but after making determinations, the investigator will notify both parties whether any items fail to meet minimum construction standards.

Resolution of any potential workmanship issues found with the visit rests with the property owner and the contractor unless a formal complaint is filed with the Registrar of Contractors. A Building Confidence visit can be requested by submitting a Building Confidence Program Request Form.

Note: We are often asked whether a contractor may request a Building Confidence visit. The answer is yes, but of course the property owner would need to be contacted by the investigator and willing to participate in the visit.