AZ ROC: Watch Out for Contracting Scams After Monsoon Storms

June 15, 2021

Tues., June 15, 2021

Breanna Bang, Public Information Liaison

AZ ROC: Watch Out for Contracting Scams After Monsoon Storms

PHOENIX, Ariz., (June 15, 2021) - Arizona Registrar of Contractors (AZ ROC) urges homeowners to prepare for monsoon season by educating themselves on how to avoid contracting scams.

Wildfire season is already in full swing and Arizona's monsoon season officially begins today, June 15. Last year's monsoon season was abnormally dry, but this year the National Weather Service's Climate Prediction Center is predicting a 40 percent chance of above-average rain.

Monsoon storms mean some Arizonans are going to need home repairs and as always, some will be in a hurry. The current labor and materials shortages may make normal busy season delays worse, putting unlicensed individuals and entities at a better position to take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners rushing to make repairs.

These unlicensed entities will likely claim to be available to start immediately, unlike many properly licensed contractors who are currently projecting significant delays due to high demand and labor and supply shortages.

Additional red flags homeowners should look out for are:

  • Door-to-door solicitors offering low-cost construction services, possibly with "left-over" materials.
  • Requests for payment in cash.
  • Requests for homeowners to sign over an insurance check.

Homeowners should never make a hurried decision about their home, and in most cases there are things they can do to mitigate further damage to the home while waiting for a licensed contractor.

Residential property owners using a licensed contractor have significant protections not available to persons hiring unlicensed entities. Among them is the ability to file a complaint against the contractor's license within a two-year period from the date of occupancy or date the last work was performed. This is the Agency's jurisdiction period should work performed be below workmanship standards.

Under certain conditions, you may also be eligible to apply to the Registrar's Residential Contractors' Recovery Fund and, depending on the cost of damages, receive up to $30,000 to have the work corrected or completed.

To avoid falling prey to a second disaster, damaged homeowners should only hire licensed contracting professionals to work on their property. Always get multiple estimates and check the license using the free contractor search at, or by giving the Agency a call at 1-877-692-9762 (1-877-MY-AZROC).