AZ ROC: Tucson-Based Company’s Licenses Summarily Suspended

July 21, 2020

Tues., July 21, 2020

Breanna Bang, Public Information Liaison

AZ ROC: Tucson-Based Company's Licenses Summarily Suspended  

PHOENIX, Ariz., (July 21, 2020)- On Mon., July 20, 2020, the Arizona Registrar of Contractors (AZ ROC) summarily suspended the C-11 and R-11 Electrical licenses held by Energy Source Electric Inc. (ROC 190817 and ROC 190818), a Tucson-based contracting business.

In Sept. 2019, Tucson Electric Power (TEP) Company filed a complaint against Energy Source Electric Inc., alleging the company repeatedly contracted outside the scope of their license and put the safety of the public at risk.

The Agency issued a summary suspension to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public after finding the licensee's failure to comply with safety and labor laws and contracting outside the scope of the licenses. As the investigation continues, the formal citation may be amended.

AZ ROC's preliminary investigation confirms TEP's allegations that Energy Source Electric Inc. worked on the utility company's electrical distribution wiring without TEP's permission or inspection; illegally disconnected power, installed upgrades, tampered with service panels, and performed cutovers - a relocation of the service entrance - on live wires, all of which represent dangerous actions. 

The work performed by Energy Source Electric Inc. at 21 job sites was required to be completed and/or inspected by TEP.  

In addition, the work damaged some TEP equipment and when new wires were installed, the wires lacked sufficient capacity for 200amp service panels, creating potential fire hazards that TEP had to have corrected, putting their electricians at risk. 

A summary suspension prohibits the licensee from being able to legally contract as of the day it is issued. In turn, it requires the Agency to provide the contractor a prompt hearing at the Office of Administrative Hearings and the hearing is set for July 31, 2020.