AZ ROC: Keep Open Communication Lines During Materials and Labor Shortage Project Delays

June 17, 2021


Thurs., June 17, 2021

Breanna Bang, Public Information Liaison


AZ ROC: Keep Open Communication Lines During Materials and Labor Shortage Project Delays


PHOENIX, Ariz., (June 17, 2021) - With materials and labor shortages affecting the construction industry nationwide, Arizona Registrar of Contractors (AZ ROC) urges homeowners and contractors to have patience and keep open lines of communication regarding their projects. 

From new home builds and pools to installing air conditioning units, both residential and commercial contractors alike have been struggling to get materials and find enough workers to fulfill existing contracts and start new ones according to a survey by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) March 2021. 

What is Causing the Shortages

The pandemic may have worsened an existing nationwide labor shortage the construction industry was already struggling to solve. According to AGC, the current supply chain issues have several potential causes, including the pandemic, one-time events like natural disasters, and federal tariff and quota policies. 

What Can Contractors Do?

One of the most common reasons AZ ROC receives a complaint is because of broken communication lines between a contractor and the property owner. If the ongoing labor and supply shortages are going to impact a current project, AZ ROC urges contractors to keep an open and honest dialogue with the homeowner about the status of the project and any expected or unexpected delays. 

AZ ROC encourages contractors to discuss the current situation with clients while submitting estimates or bids for new projects. Contractors should not take on projects if they know they will not be able to fulfill them. 

Contractors should know AZ ROC is aware of the shortages, however, the Agency will continue to investigate complaints as they come in.

What Can Homeowners Do?

When the expected completion date of a project comes and goes, it's frustrating for all parties involved. At this time, AZ ROC urges homeowners to be patient when delays occur. Disciplining a license or investigating a case will not make material shortages decrease and if possible, it's always best to try to resolve issues with the contractor before filing a complaint. 

Homeowners should know 95 percent of licensed contractors never have a complaint filed against their license and the ones who do often work to resolve those complaints. If a homeowner is experiencing a problem, AZ ROC is always here to answer questions and to assist with resolving workmanship or abandonment issues if such issues arise. 

Should a homeowner need to file a complaint, the Agency has a two-year jurisdiction from the date escrow closed or the date work was last performed. If work is not completed, the jurisdiction time is not tolling.

Homeowners who hire licensed contractors may have the additional protection of the Residential Recovery Fund. Access to the fund through administrative means, however, requires the homeowner to allow the contractor the opportunity to correct any outstanding work or workmanship issues and to take part in the Agency's administrative process. You can read more about AZ ROC's complaint processhere