AZ ROC: Glendale-Based Contractor’s License Revoked 

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July 13, 2023

Weds., July 12, 2023

CONTACT: Cindy Casaus, Assistant Director & Chief of Communications

AZ ROC: Glendale-Based Contractor’s License Revoked 

PHOENIX, Ariz., (Jul. 12, 2023)- On Tuesday, July 11, 2023, Arizona Registrar of Contractors (AZ ROC) revoked the KA-5 Dual Swimming Pool Contractor license held by Lakeside Pools LLC (ROC 265621) and summarily suspended the B-4 General Residential Engineering Contractor license held by Wrangler Construction LLC (ROC 320980), two Glendale-based contracting businesses under the same ownership.

AZ ROC received and began investigating forty-three complaints from homeowners and three no-pay complaints from subcontractors against Lakeside Pools LLC received between March 29 and July 10, 2023. Two cases resulted in citations issued on June 23, 2023, and required Lakeside Pools LLC to file a written answer by July 8, 2023, which the company failed to do. After the company failed to answer the citations, the Registrar revoked the license in each case, effective July 11, 2023. 

AZ ROC also received and is currently investigating seven complaints from homeowners implicating violations by Wrangler Construction LLC and Lakeside Pools LLC received between May 5 and July 7, 2023. Based on the complaints received and the preliminary investigation, AZ ROC determined that both companies are under the same ownership and supervision and appear to be contracting jointly. As a result, the Registrar summarily suspended Wrangler Construction LLC’s license, effective July 11, 2023. An administrative hearing will be scheduled where AZ ROC will request that the summary suspension be affirmed and the license revoked.

AZ ROC continues to investigate the complaints it has received and strongly encourages any other impacted homeowners to file their complaints with the Agency as soon as possible. Following adjudication, those who submitted complaints are able to file a claim with AZ ROC’s Residential Contractors' Recovery Fund, which is available to complainants after a contractor has been found to be in violation of Title 32, Chapter 10 of the Arizona Revised Statutes. 

The Fund will provide a maximum payout of up to $30,000 per claim, but limits the overall payment per residential license to $200,000. If the number of claims exceed the $200,000 per license limitation, the Registrar will pay claimants on a pro rata basis. In cases where there are numerous complainants, there is a possibility that the monies available in the Fund will be exhausted before all eligible homeowners submit a claim for a payout from the Fund, simply due to the quantity of people making a claim. This is why it is crucial for homeowners to submit their complaints to AZ ROC right away. 

While hiring a licensed contractor does not guarantee a problem-free project, hiring licensed contractors does provide a pathway to access AZ ROC’s administrative process in order to have work corrected or completed. The Agency has a two-year jurisdiction from the date of occupancy or date when the last work was performed to investigate complaints if the workmanship is below standard or is in violation of existing codes. There is no recourse through AZ ROC if the business hired to perform the work is unlicensed. Always check the license by visiting or by calling the Agency at (877) 692-9762.