AZ ROC Celebrates 90th Anniversary

ROC Seal over Arizona Sunset
March 18, 2021

AZ ROC Celebrates 90th Anniversary

On March 18, 1931, the Arizona Legislature established the Registrar of Contractors (AZ ROC) to license and regulate contracting businesses in the State of Arizona. 

As the Agency turns 90, the construction economy continues to boom in the State of Arizona and that is in no small part due to the honor and professionalism exhibited by AZ ROC's licensees every single day, on every single project.

The construction industry literally built Arizona into the amazing and prosperous place it is to live today. The roads we drive on, the hospitals our loved ones receive care at, the schools our youth are educated, and our homes where we create lasting memories; everything in Arizona was built by construction science technology professionals. For me and for the staff at the Registrar's Office, it is an honor for us to be a part of this industry.

After 90 years of service, the Agency's objective and resolve remains unchanged; promote quality construction in the State of Arizona through the administration of a licensing and regulatory system.  

For consumers looking for reliable, licensed contractors able to build, remodel or repair their home or business, the Arizona Registrar of Contractors offers — at no cost to them and with no sign-ups required - a complete and searchable list of all of Arizona's licensed contracting professionals.

However, AZ ROC is not just another regulatory agency, as it does far more for Arizona than simply check qualifications and license contractors. Made possible from licensing fees, Arizona statute provides consumers and contractors with an administrative complaint process with the Agency serving as a neutral, unbiased third party.

We know the vast majority of our licensees never receive even one complaint throughout the lifetime of their license.  But if something should go wrong and if a project results in anything less than quality workmanship, the public knows the Registrar offers a free, government-led complaint resolution process.  From looking at case resolution data and as a further reassurance to consumers and contractors alike, we know the majority of the Registrar's complaints are resolved to the satisfaction of the consumer or by meeting workmanship requirements prior to hearing. Very few complaints result in recovery fund payouts (though the Recovery Fund is there to protect eligible residential consumers for up to $30,000 in damages caused by a licensee, up to $200,000 per license).

In fact, in a recent study (2017), AZ ROC employees analyzed the number of complaints filed against licensees throughout the lifetime of a license.  Using all available data, which stretched back to the mid-1990s, the Agency found that over 90 percent of licensees never received even one complaint against their license and less than 2 percent have ever received more than one complaint.

As the current Registrar, I am grateful to those dedicated employees working at the Agency and honored to be part of an industry driving Arizona's future and economy.

Jeffrey L Fleetham
Director / Registrar
Arizona Registrar of Contractors