Applicant Education Seminars


AZ Registrar of Contractors is hosting free virtual Applicant Education Seminars.

Applying for an Arizona Registrar of Contractors' license? Have questions?

Arizona Registrar of Contractors (AZ ROC) is here to help! We are now offering free virtual monthly Applicant Education Seminars in order to help answer your questions about the application process. When submitted properly, it's possible for a complete application that meets all the required criteria to be approved within one business day.



Frequently Asked Questions


May 2024 Applicant Education Seminar




License Application Tips



We've created the following short videos explaining common mistakes that delay license applications from getting approved. We encourage you to view all of these short videos before starting your application.






Experience Waivers


Background Checks


Exam Waivers for In-State Applicants

Exam Waivers for Out-of-State Applicants