Licensing & Finance
Processes and reviews license applications in preparation for the issuance of contractors’ licenses.

Legal & Recovery Fund
Issues citations and prepares cases for administrative hearings. Oversees Residential Contractors’ Recovery Fund, which was established to assist persons who have hired licensed residential contractors in the recovery of monetary damages as a direct result of a violation by the contractor. The fund pays a maximum of $30,000 for a violation. The maximum payout per residential contractor’s license is $200,000.

Ensures all licensed contractors are performing work in a professional and workmanlike manner, adhering to the rules and regulations set forth by the State of Arizona. Also ensures unlicensed entities operating outside of statute and state law are penalized and cited within the boundaries of Contracting Without a License.

Conducts inspections of consumer complaints involving poor workmanship performed by licensed contractors. Conducts criminal and civil investigations. Prepares and reviews civil and criminal cases for judicial or administrative hearings.

Information Technology
Responsible for the strategic planning and implementation of business technology solutions for the agency. This includes the development, implementation, operation and maintenance of all voice, data, network and telephony services utilized throughout the ROC’s headquarters’ and field offices.

Public Information /Legislative /Ombudsman

Human Resources